“A bittersweet and poignant historical biography…”–BookViral

The BookViral Review:

A bittersweet and poignant historical biography with current world relevance The Soul Of A Shoemaker’s cumulative emotional power takes readers by surprise, capturing us unawares in its ability to move us as deeply as it does.

A spirited read from the start, there’s a lot for readers to like about Cork’s biography. With far too many biographies the reader is left feeling like an outsider looking in but Cork places us alongside her father, Frank Katana, as his story unfolds whilst the style of her writing conveys an inspirational degree of warmth and candour that’s so personal it’s like she has opened a window to his soul.

Underpinned by luminous characterization The Soul Of A Shoemaker finds most of its depth in Cork’s close observations of human behaviour and motivation and is underpinned by her vivid descriptions of Yugoslavia’s cultural and political landscape under Tito in the 1950s

The best memoirs and biographies embrace a universality that readers can relate to and learn from and this is certainly true of Frank’s story. It’s not groundbreaking nor revolutionary but it does illuminate a contemporary reality that success is rarely handed to us on a plate.

To this end, Frank’s story is one of exceptional strength, faith and resilience, a story which tells of the sorrows and joys; hardships and successes of his life whilst celebrating simple acts of human kindness. Though perhaps more importantly we’re reminded how love can kindle the flame of an indomitable spirit.

Inspirational and compelling, there should be no doubt that The Soul Of A Shoemaker is a significant biography and a fine example of the genre. It is highly recommended.

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