The Fallen: War Poems, Poems About Loss, Love Poems, and Inspirational Poems From WW1 to Present Day

The Fallen
Published: 2018-11
Extraordinarily haunting thought-provoking and authoritative Myers poems are reflections of conversations he had with those who have lost husbands, wives, lovers, brothers, sisters sons and daughters. Heart-rending, revealing and often surprising they relate to conflicts past and present.

A Soul-Stirring Exploration of the Complex Emotions of War and Its Aftermath Through Poetry

The published book of poems from the war trenches, the devastation post-war, and its unsung heroes is a true masterpiece. The selection of World War I to present-day poems in its pages is beautiful and powerful, leaving a gut-wrenching impression on any reader.

The talented authors Stephan J Myers and Pixie Woodstock have managed to capture the essence of the war and convey its horrors through haunting verses that tug at the heartstrings. The poems are so moving that they transport the reader back to a time of unimaginable brutality and suffering, evoking emotions of grief, despair, and hopelessness. What makes “The Fallen” a compelling read is its ability to bring to light the many dimensions of war and the diverse opinions it engenders. Through a thought-provoking ebb and flow of emotions and viewpoints, Myers and Woodstock push readers to consider how war impacts soldiers and civilians.

The author’s ability to describe the harrowing experiences of soldiers fighting in the trenches is remarkable. Each poem is a tribute or reflection of the courage and sacrifice of those who fought and died for their country and the devastating consequences it brings.

As I read through the book, I found myself captivated by the sheer intensity of the poems. They are written in a way that immerses the reader in the events of the war and conveys the sense of fear, confusion, and despair felt by those who lived through it.

With its heart and soul, “The Fallen” is a must-read for anyone who wishes to explore the multifaceted nature of war and the many emotions it engenders. Through poetry, Myers and Woodstock offer a moving and powerful tribute to those who have suffered the effects of war, both on and off the battlefield.

In summary, this collection of World War I poems is a must-read for anyone interested in the war’s history from the multifaceted perspectives or anyone who wants to experience the power of poetry at its finest. It is a beautiful and moving tribute to the human spirit.

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